Tuesday, January 6, 2015

merry christmas & happy new year

...a little late I know.  It's how I roll these days especially since Declan gifted us, last week, with the talent to open doors.  Good night this age is exhausting.  But seriously, I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Holiday spent surrounded by loved ones relaxing and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

We spent Christmas Eve doing Christmas with boy's family.  Declan got his very own Radio Flyer from them and loves taking it outside.  Can I just say these wagons have come so far since I was a kid?  Seats (jealous), padded seats (luxurious), cup holder (shut the front door).

Then on Christmas morning Santa came and so did my parent's.  I think boy was more excited then anyone.  He was up an hour before me and then we had to wake Declan up at 8:00 pm (never wake a sleeping baby unless it's Christmas morning)!  He isn't so sure about his train that his bubie and big daddy gave him here, but he's warmed up to it.  The pug's not so much.

And at first his truck from Santa, that matches Daddy's, looks interesting.  Until Daddy puts you in it for a ride.  Took some time to take it all in I guess.

It was such a fun day, Christmas through the eyes of a child so incredible.

On New Year's Eve, boy and I dropped Declan off at my parent's and we headed to Fort Worth.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and I made a quick return to Homegoods before we headed to visit boy's mom at her 3rd chemo treatment.  Hooray she's half way done!!  Then I left boy at the center and went and picked up Declan and we met them all back at his parent's home.  Declan is the best medicine after a long chemo day.  Then boy and I headed to bed early after getting Declan down to binge watch Sherlock on Netflix.  We didn't even make it through one episode, much less till midnight.  Sleeping is a good way to ring in the New Year if you ask me.


Ashley said...

ahhh, so sorry your MIL is going through chemo.

Your son is adorable.

Rebecca Jo said...

I bet Christmas is 100% more fun with a child & seeing it through their eyes... their excitement.

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