Thursday, August 21, 2014

let's talk car seats

Ok so here's the deal I way over think this car seat business.  Right now Declan is still in his infant carrier.  It works great and he doesn't mind, but I know in a month or so he'd be a lot more comfortable in a convertible car seat to sit up a little more.  In the state of Texas, it's rear facing till 35 pounds so he's going to be facing backwards for some time so that feature is a big factor.  If you've been down this road I'd love your input.  Here's the ones we're contemplating.

1. Chicco NextFit

I've read some really awesome reviews on this one.  I've felt the fabric in person and like the plushness to it.  Also, everyone says it's one of the easiest to clean (love that).  A bonus is that it's easy to install too.  Fairly new to the market it being under 2 years old does make me a little nervous.

2. Britax

Honestly, the Britax makes my head spend a little with all the options.  Marathon, Boulevard, Advocate too many choices.  I know lots of people that love this brand and have had no complaints.  Through my research I noticed they are revamping this carseat and adding their newest feature the Clicktight installation system.  Love the look, but not so much the price.  Curious how you've liked the Britax fabrics too?

3. Maxi-Cosi Pria 70

The Maxi Cosi infant carrier was a serious contender for us.  Great safety reviews on the convertible car seat.  Love the fabric. Oh by the way if I didn't live in the hot state of Texas and had a money tree growing in my backyard I'd be all over the leather model of this car seat!  Good price on this one, but just not so crazy about a cup holder (don't these get nasty pretty quickly)

Thanks Parents for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

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