Monday, June 9, 2014

ten months

dear declan,

my how the last ten months have flown.  i was laying in bed the other night flipping through my iphone pictures going all the way back to the day you were born and just amazed at how we went from there to here.  also a tad amazed at how we survived those long sleepless days too.

you're weighing close to 20 lbs these days and my arms are feeling every bit of it.  you're still in some 9 months clothes, but mainly 12 months now and are still in size 3 diapers.  you love food, just not from a jar.  wait i take that back you tolerate prunes and carrots from a jar, but won't have the rest of it.  i can't blame you some of that stuff looks so nasty.  i'm still pureeing most of your foods and we really started introducing "real" foods you can pick up yourself this month.  so far you're favorites are corn and chicken.  you love mealtime.  

you're now somewhat semi-mobile.  you figured out the crawling just not a fan.  you'd much prefer someone to hold your hands and let you walk around on your own.  i had my first big oops mommy moment when i turned around for a split second and you rolled off the sofa.  thankfully, you were just fine it just scared you more than anything.  i sent daddy a text at work letting him know not to bring home the mother of the year trophy just yet after that day.

you are the happiest baby with the biggest blue eyes.  we are constantly getting stopped out and about so people can comment on how happy you are and those beautiful blues of yours.  you just smile back so big like you know it.  i'm afraid you're already turning into quite the flirt.  where do you learn this stuff?

little man i love you more and more each day and feel so blessed to be the one you call mama!

lots of love,

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Charlie the Pugster said...

Love, love! I have enjoyed watching him grow---what a sweetie!