Sunday, January 19, 2014

::six months::

dear declan,

my sweet are you halfway to a year already?  i told your daddy this weekend that, if i'm this emotional with you turning 6 months, i'm for sure going to be a hot mess on your first day of kindergarten.  so y'all have been warned.

this past month you have grown leaps and bounds.  you're weighing in at over 17 lbs and those size 2 diapers that seemed big last month are being squeezed into to finish up the box.  you're still in most 3-6 month clothes, but not for long with you being so tall.  

we celebrated your first Christmas this month and it was the absolute best.  we loved watching you take it all in and can't wait for all the Christmases to come.  you love your car walker and exploring in it as long as you can see daddy or me.  if we get out of sight we hear about it.  you're also babbling up a storm and grabbing anything you can get your hands on.  right now you love grabbing our faces and handing out slobbery kisses.  it doesn't get any sweeter than that for this mama.  you also love looking at books and are helping to turn the pages when you aren't trying to chew on them.  you love watching basketball with us, especially cheering on our jayhawks.  you'll just stare at the tv as they run back and forth across the court.  daddy is loving that time with you.

you had one off week of sleep, i think your reflux might have been acting up, but otherwise you're a great sleeper.  you love sleeping on your tummy and when you wake up you just roll over chatting away as happy as can be (not sure where you get this from).  you're not much of napper, more just a few cat naps here and there.  we also tried out some bananas this past week in addition to the cereal.  you're doing really well with it, i'm just not so sure you're loving the taste.

somedays i feel like my heart will burst with how much i love you little man.  i praise God for choosing me to be your mama.  

all my love,

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Rebecca Jo said...

A half year gone already?
Ohh... sorry... don't get upset :)