Thursday, August 15, 2013

he's a genius i tell you

So, at 2 weeks and 3 days my kid rolled over for the first time.  I tell you this not to brag, but for your prayers for my sanity because I'm picturing my future involving a whole lot of climbing and chasing. And because it's been a month since I've slept those thoughts exhaust me to tears at this moment.  Boy on the other hand is elated and convinced this sign of strength and agility means great things for his future football career in the Big 12. 

Here's a video of our little man rolling over.

Also, my kid loves to be held.  My mom says this is payback because I was the same way.  I love holding him, but laundry needs to get to done so I'm thinking of getting a baby wrap and need y'all's recommendation.  I'm looking at the Moby wrap and the Baby K'Tan.  Does anyone have a preference on which one to go with?  I've got one for when he is older, but need one more for a newborn right now.


Rebecca Jo said...

Look at your little tough guy!! That means more work for you! :)

Aubs said...

I used the moby with Dylan and LOVED it!! your little man is TOO sweet ~ and the beauty of it all is that he will most likely be sleeping more which means you will be sleeping more before the climbing and all!! ;)