Wednesday, June 12, 2013

eight is great

 Pug turned 8 yesterday!  We celebrated with a nap (that'd be me) and some Frosty Paws on the patio (them).

Frosty Paw time is serious business around here.  Have your dogs tried these frozen treats?  I'm pretty sure we could get pug to mow the lawn for a frosty paw.  I could hug the inventor of the frost paw. 

And I'm not sure what we're looking for here.  I'm guessing someone marked their spot.

Happy Birthday, my fur-born!  We love you and all your crazy energy!


Rebecca Jo said...

Fur-born... I LOVE IT!!!!

I haven't given my dogs those treats because I'm afraid they'll hold me at knife point for more...

Happy Birthday to the Pugster!!!

Payton's mom said...

Happy eighth birthday pug!!! You are still such a cutie!