Thursday, July 19, 2012

boat pug

We headed out to the lake earlier this week.  Pug managed to catch himself a cold, poor thing, so a drive normally spent enjoying some tunes on the way out was quickly replaced by pug's backup singing of goose honks every five seconds.  Three of us were anxious to pile out of the car upon arrival.

A little cough syrup and some TLC from the grandparents and he's managed to make a full recovery.

While he recouped we hit the lake.  We were going to put landry in his kennel for a nap when boy suggested we take him on the boat.  We bought a life jacket years ago for pug, but quickly retired it when pug's spaziness (new word I just made up) became more of a safety concern then a relaxing cruise around the lake.

Landry loved it.  He clung to me the whole time, but got a nap in so I'd call that a success.  He wore pug's life jacket and didn't seem to mind.  Do any of your pug's swim?  Pug won't and we haven't even tried it with Landry. 

Sorry I wish I could explain my crazy boat hair going on.

I've been helping mom redo her quest room and it's turning out really cute.  We both have a habit of just jumping into projects without getting a before picture so I don't think one exists, but I'll be sure to post an after.

Here's the nightstands.  Think early 90's maple and gold on the before.  And a little Annie Sloan does the trick quite nice.  We've been having a lot of fun with the Annie Sloan chalk paint.

Oh and part of the bedding.  It's one of the paisleys from Pottery Barn.  I think Landry's given his approval.

 And now I'm off to break a sweat to get the mail.


Carrie said...

love the night stand my dog does not swim at all lol I love the bedding too

Madison's Mommy said...'s probably not normal how excited I get when there is a new pug post! They remind me so much of our crazy Schnauzers!

Kitty+Coco said...

Um...No. My two can, but adamantly choose not to swim. I've tried several times. My first Bostie loved to swim so much she would sneak out to the pool on her own. Anyway, glad Landry enjoyed the boat trip.