Wednesday, May 16, 2012

it's his party and i'll cry if i want to

Well boy turned the big 3-0 this weekend.

Not willingly I might add, but I think he's coming to terms with it.

I mentioned in a earlier blog post that I wasn't sure what to do to celebrate, so finally I got my act together and decided to throw a small get together with some family and friends.  I wanted it to be just laid back and stress free so I rented out a pavilion at a park for the evening and had mexican food catered to celebrate.  Can't get anymore stress free then not having to clean your home or cook. 

And can you guess the theme?


I know...where the creativity comes from we'll never know.  I just rode that mexican catering train.  And it turned out to be a brilliant idea because the party was the week after cinco de I had mucho inspiration while shopping for decorations.

I kept wavering back and forth on should I go ahead and surprise him or let him know.  I ended up telling him because I knew me loading up a pinata in the car would be a dead giveaway.

Friday morning turned out pretty dreary and I started thinking we should move it to a restaurant, but then the clouds parted and the sun came out and it looked just perfect.  Fantastic now I can start panicking on hanging the millions of tissue pom poms I spent 2 episodes of Real Housewives and a 16 & Pregnant making.  The hanging of the fiesta pom poms turned out to be quite a hurdle when we found out my vision of how they should look with the different lengths and groupings of colors is very different from those actually hanging them.  This is what they sort of looked like.

And did I mention we took the pugs?

Yes we did.

This did not bode well with Pug escaping from his harness 4 times while tied to a picnic bench and Landry escaping twice. The last one leading to him running through a field and to a horse stable to bark at the horses.  So guess who all ended up enjoying the party from the comfort of their cages in the back of the car?

And just as everyone started to arrive so did a thunderstorm and some wind that took down each and every pom pom.  We stood under the pavilion greeting guests holding down the table decorations and food.  After chasing a dog through a field in 5 inch wedges I could have cried.

Thankfully the wind cut us a break and we were able to enjoy the food and all the guests.  I'm kicking myself because amongst all the chaos my camera never made it out my car, probably a good thing with the rain, but I'm bummed to not have a single picture except for of the favors that I took once we got home.  We can always remember the churros I guess.

Despite the chaos it turned out to be a blast and as we loaded up the car to head home boy couldn't stop talking about what a great time he had.

Then he hit a bump in the road and the remains of a fruit platter flew up into the car scattering grapes and strawberries all over the interior.

And then I did cry.


tessie said...

What a realistic telling of an event! So many times, pictures and text of a party look so perfect and seamless. I so enjoyed yours!!! As long as everyone had a good time-it is a success(even with fruit spilled all over the car). Pat yourself on the back.~ Which housewives do you watch? I watch the trainwreck of New Jersey's. (and love every moment) Cindy

Maggie said...

I hate when I forgot/don't have my camera. Sounds like great planning though; not having to clean or cook!

I hope 30 is a great year for him :) AND you

Rebecca Jo said...

All the 'tragedy' sounds like it feels to turn 30 - so it was just appropriate :)