Monday, January 30, 2012


how i can own two pugs that are completely opposite in mannerisms and personality is beyond me.  i love it though!!  we've got pug that entertains us constantly with his stubbornness and gift of walking into a room and destroying it in 10 seconds.  and then we have landry who just give him a lap to lay on and he's in hog heaven.  they kind of balance my sanity out.

i feel like we are at an awesome place with landry right now.  he trusts us and is relaxing knowing he's home.  at the beginning it was so hard to watch.  he had no idea how to play with toys, he really just slept on the sofa shaking like a leaf and flinched at any sudden movements.  i try so hard not to think about what he went through before we adopted him.  now he crys a pitiful cry if i walk out of the room and it melts my heart knowing we've earned that trust.  and just look that sweet face.

getting a little bit of stretching in.

pug and his sweetness.


Payton said...

Two incredibly handsome pugs! So glad that Landry is feeling at home and knows he has a family.

flip flops on lex said...

You're lucky I didn't take him with me when I left. Love him! It was so great to see you all!

Abigail said...

I'm thrilled to hear that your work with that sweet little guy is taking effect. I couldn't reach our rescue but her current family did.


Renna said...

I can never get over how CUTE they are. Our Min Pin is like your pug that endlessly entertains, and empties out her toy basket as fast as I can fill it. I won't begin to try and count the number of times I've had to pick up shredded tissues or bathroom trash contents when one of the humans forgot to make it Leyna proof. She fills our life with laughter, but sometimes I long to just hold her on my lap. Not gonna happen, though, at least not unless I have food. I can see how you have the best of both worlds. :-)

Madison's Mommy said...


I have a wee bit of a pug crush on your little guys....don't tell my ego-maniac Schnauzers though!


Payton said...

I'm back to say that I gave you an award today!

pugsx4 said...

Know exactly what you mean, been a part of six pugs lives over the years and they all have different traits but we
love each one for their own uniqueness. We also adopted a female boxer from a puppy mill almost three years ago and she has been the toughest on the trust factor. She is still afraid of anyone else that comes around but she is finally completely loving with us. We got a pug puppy a year ago that made a world of difference with her. The boxer is almost seven but to see her play with the pug puppy is incredible.

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