Wednesday, April 20, 2011

book shopping

let's talk books, shall we?

pool season is just weeks away and i cannot wait to grab a book and lounge by the pool and try to tan my paleness away.  i'm hoping you've got some good pool read suggestions, because my to-read list is dwindling fast.

here's a few things that i've read lately that i highly recommend.

"Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"-this would make a great beach/pool read if you need one yourself.

"One Thousand Gifts"- beautifully poetic.

"Breaking the Silence"- thanks Erin for the recommendation...could not put it down!

"House Rules" also good.

"The Art of Dancing in the Rain"- my book swap buddy loaned this to me and so far loving it.  i have a strong feeling i'll be needing some kleenex the further i get into it.

so what's been on your list?  i have to admit i really am digging any chick lit and a good ole' patterson like mystery.  for some reason i always like to read those by the pool to drown out the screaming kiddos ha!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED The Art of Dancing in the Rain. You will need kleenex. Just saying. :)

I really want to read Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!

If you haven't read the Millenium Trilogy yet, read those! They aren't "light" reading, but the mystery-ish story line sucks you in!!

Chelsea Faherty said...

good Chick lit..Something Borrowed, the movie is coming out soon. There is also Something Blue, He Loves Me, He Loves me Not, and a couple others.
If you haven't read Water for Elephants, I highly recommend.

If you check out my blog I rate the books that I have read, on the side.

I can't wait for pools, laying out, and relaxation ;)

Samantha said...

I don't know you if you like Nora Roberts but I'm currently reading the Sign of Seven trilogy (just finishing the first one) & it is really good - mystery with some romance mixed in. The Born In trilogy is good too.

I agree with Something Borrowed and any Emily Giffin book she is great!

mandy said...

Chick Lit?
I'm more of a memoir girl, but I'll bite anyway.
I'd say "The Help" is a must-read, but you've probably already devoured that one.

If you were into memoirs, I'd send you rolling through the pages of "Lit" or "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" -- the latter is exactly as it is titled. It's by Dave Eggers, and if his fiction is anything like his memoir, I might return to fiction reading. yeah. He's calling me back into that world.

I'm spending a good bit of time in Anne Lamott's "Travelling Mercies" which I think you'd like. It's an honest, bare, raw look at faith. And her writing is musing and conversational.