Thursday, January 6, 2011

some randomness to start out 2011

1. I took down the Christmas decorations earlier this week and my house looks so empty it's depressing me.  I feel this week needs to be named "my-house-looks-so-stinkin'-bare-and-i miss-the-Christmas-lights-week".  I'm still working on a name.  Oh change I loath you so.

2. Speaking of decorations.  Boy took down the Christmas tree all by himself and without one complaint.  All thanks to a bet.  We're a bit competitive over here so the other night we got to talking about old tv shows and "Christy" was brought up.  Do you remember it with Kellie Martin?  He was telling me how he was forced to watch it in school and how horrible that experience was.  Then somehow we got to talking about the spelling of it (don't ask because I'm not sure how we ended up there).  He was convinced it was spelled "ChristI" and I was positive it was "ChristY".  We bet and then googled it.  If he won I had to sit through a football game with him and if I won he had to take down the tree and put it back in the attic all by himself and without a scroogy comment.  So I won, the trees peacefully in the attic, and now I have to go write Kellie Martin a thank you letter.

3. Sadly, I did not watch the Bachelor Monday.  But no worries, mama called me first thing to give me the 411 and all the juicy details on the face slap. 

4. Has anyone ever done a Kelly Minter bible study?  I really want one to do at my own pace and like that it's just a workbook, but can't decide between the 2 she offers.  I'm excited to get going on that.

And that is all...hope everyone has a great Friday!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

You didn't watch The Bachelor on Monday?!?!? For shame! :) It was must tune in this Monday! Have a great weekend!

Rebecca Jo said...

Yep - time for more bachelor crazies!!! :)

I LOVED the "Ruth" study she did... It made me want to pick up her other one to do. I did it on my own & loved it!!!!

I dont think of Kellie Martin without thinking of her dying on ER.. still bothers me!

flip flops on lex said...

Christy is available on Netflix. I rented the first DVD a couple of years ago. I also read the book the show is based on in 7th grade and had to do a play of a scene with my friends. I love how I remember that. It was my favorite show for a while actually. And you totally could have called me and asked about the spelling ;) Glad you won the bet!

The Bonjour Four said...

love that you won and he had to take the tree down. that's awesome!