Thursday, December 16, 2010

the one with the christmas cards

How is it almost just a week till Christmas?  The season is flying by way too fast.  I promised myself this was going to be the year that I was well organized, completely stress free and the pug wouldn't eat a single light off the tree.


Yesterday one of my friends and I were chatting on the phone and began comparing our recent holiday meltdowns.  I'm so thankful for good friends like that were we can laugh at each other over the silly stuff.  I was sharing my most recent one with the Christmas cards. 

Oh the 2010 Christmas cards.

For some reason the Christmas cards were stressing me out this year.  Christmas cards are one of my favorite things about the season.  I love opening the mail to find how friends and family around the country are doing and how much their kiddos have grown over the year.  To make a long story short I wanted to do professional pics this year and never got around to it, decided we'd take them ourselves and then woke up last Sunday and realized I haven't ordered the cards much less taken the pic for them.  I ugly cried for a minute.  I think the stress of the season manifested itself in these silly cards and then a few hours later I got a plan together. 

The next day boy would get home early from work, I'd have my hair and make-up done we'd grab pug and set out to find a good field as a backdrop.  Monday rolls around, pug is being a hot mess (shocking) and boy decides maybe pug should sit this card out.  I hesitate then agree.  Poor pug I feel really guilty.  So we hop in the car and  after driving around forever in search of a good field to use as a backdrop we finally find one.


And then we see this.  Sorry...that would be a dead wild hog. 

We weigh our we can get back in the car keep driving around forever or two move away from the hog and hold our breath while smiling for the picture.

We choose the latter.

And the pictures came out cute (sorry probably won't post those), got them ordered and hopefully they'll be here in time to address and mail out.

And that's why you should do your Christmas cards in October.


The Nashville Nosher said...

OMG that is HILARIOUS!!! that field sure is purdy though :)

flip flops on lex said...

Eww gross! Must say I've never seen a wild hog anywhere.

Marissa said...


mel @ the larson lingo said...

oh my goodnesss...SO funny! I love Christmas Cards also!!!! One of my favorite things about December :)

Rebecca Jo said...

You shoulda put antlers on the dead hog... :)

Cant wait to see the finished product!

Happiness Is... said...


Erin said...

Bahaha! I hope you included something about the dead hog in your Christmas card signature.