Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the one with the flu shot

Each year I insist on getting a flu shot.

Whether or not they work I don't know, but I do know that it makes my germ/sickness obsession feel better.

Last year every place was out so I didn't get one.

And guess who got the flu.

Last week boy came home and announced he got his flu shot from work, and this reminded me that I needed to try and get mine too before it's too late.  So, a few days later we were out running errands and decided to run into the grocery store to grab something to fix for dinner and replenish our frightfully low carb supply.  As we walked in I saw a big sign for flu shots and the best part was that their was no line.  I was like score I'm going to run over there real quick and get my shot out of the way.

I should have known the easiness of the situation was too good to be true.

After spending 30 minutes filling out the paperwork, paying, then watching the pharmacist repeatedly mess up as he filled up the needle with the vaccine I was getting a bit nervous.  I was about to have boy run to the bakery and grab me one of those piping hot delicious loafs of french bread to munch on to calm my nerves when the pharmacist finally came out and asked me to take a seat, in his thick french accent, while his Doogie Housier looking assistant watched on.  I told the pharmacist I'm not going to watch, needles make me squeamish and he replied just please don't scream.

I'm thinking okay...how many screamers are you getting in the middle of the grocery store?  But whatever, I'll just occupy my nerves and watch boy model glasses from the standing rack.  That man...  he's good entertainment.

The shot went in and I really did want to scream because in all my flu shot/shot years I've never had one hurt that bad.  Then I hear the pharmacist say "Uh Oh" and that's never a good phrase no matter what situation.  I decide not to look as I can see the eyes of everyone around me getting bigger.  The pharmacist says "You're bleeding" and as he says this I can feel it dripping done my arm.  I tell Doogie, as the pharmacist heads off to get wipes, to let me know if I'm going to drip on anything because I'm 100% positive if I look I'm going to pass out.

He says "yeah it's going to hit the floor at any moment"

Thanks Doogie for the heads up.  The pharmacist comes back cleans and bandages me up.  I'm looking at boy with the "lets get out of here face" when the pharmacist in his thick accent explains "this is not good...it's your Lever"

Boy and I both reply, "say what?".  We totally didn't catch that last part.

He says "Your LEVER!!"  As if shouting it makes us translate it any better.

Finally, Doogie replies "Your LIVER!!"

We're both like "oh liver" and then the pharmacist proceeds to scare the living daylights out of me by telling me you should never bleed after getting a shot and I need to get to the doctor immediately because there is something very wrong and continued to give a 20 minute hogwash spiel that would make Dr. Spaceman nervous (like my "30 Rock" reference).  We take the free medical advice and quickly walk away.  

I'm thinking at this point I deserve that whole loaf of french bread.

And I'm probably going to avoid this grocery store for my flu shot next year.

Also to clarify, nothing is wrong with my "lever".  He most likely hit something pulling the needle out that made me bleed according to a relative in the shot giving field.

So, there you have it, my 2010 flu shot story.


The Bonjour Four said...

oh.my.gosh. what a nightmare! I would have been scared to death. Thankfully i'm a nurse so I always get mine done at the hospital with a TRAINED professional. (Oh, and it's always free.. pretty good deal)

And give me a freaking break.. your liver. hahaha that guy definitely didn't know what he was doing. But Im glad everything turned out okay for you in the end. Poor girl!

Happiness Is... said...

Oh my Lord. This is why I avoid all things medical unless absolutely necessary (which includes a flu shot for me this year). That sounds like no fun. Sorry :(

flip flops on lex said...

Yikes! I had something similar happen to me the first time I gave blood.

Rebecca Jo said...

OH my GOSH!!!!! And what the heck? I'd be freaking out thinking my liver was exploding... or lever :)

That is HORRIBLE!!!! makes me very thankful for the nice local pharmacy that is so good with the shots - I dont even feel them or need a bandaid... my lever must be OK!!

(I think I'll think of this story now every flu shot I get)

Lauren said...

I am duly noting this, NEVER get a flu shot in the grocery store!!!!!!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

oh my goodness! thank goodness my mom gives me mine! with that experience i don't know if i would ever trust anyone to give me a shot again. do me a huge favor? never go back to that french dude at the grocery store again!