Thursday, October 21, 2010

miscellaneous bin:: christmas

Let's talk Christmas because it's only 64 days away!!  Can you believe that?  Seriously, where does the time go?  I know we haven't even handed out the candy for Halloween, but I've got some Christmas related things that need some discussing.

1. I heard a Christmas commercial this week and it made me very happy!

2. This year I decided we needed new stockings, so when I saw them on sale at Ballard's I thought "well it's just meant to be" so I ordered them.   They came this week and I'm ready to hang them up their so adorable, especially the one for pug.

3. Thanks to Boomama who reminded everyone that the Compassion Christmas gift deadline is the 31st of this month.  I don't want forget that!

4. I love, love, love Christmas cards.  I'm always on the look out for cute Christmas cards and have been looking around different sites thinking I need to finally pick one.  The ones I keep coming back to that I love are the die cut ones.  They are so cute, but so not the amount I envisioned spending on cards.  Today I discovered on Eversave, it's similar to groupon, that they are featuring an adorable photo card company Photo Card Creations that has the die cut cards.

 images via

They were $20 for a $50 gift certificate.  What a deal!  I'm so excited and just had to share if you've been eyeing them too.  I think the deal is only for 2 more days.

5. I'm also very excited to be reacquainted with our favorite Christmas movie family, the Griswold's!

Can you tell I'm just a little ready for Christmas?


The Bonjour Four said...

Haha you're funny. I loooove Christmas too. It is my favorite time of the you got me all excited! :)

Marissa said...

I love getting cards in the mail!

Heather said...

did you seriously just tell me that Christmas is only 64 days away? Seriously ... you had to put it in small numbers like that? Couldn't you just let me go on believing that it was 3 months away still? wait ... it's NOT 3 months away is it? YIKES!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Yes, LETS talk Christmas! It's by far the best holiday of the year, how could anyone NOT be excited that it is only 63 days away! EEEEK! And the shopping begins! :)

Lauren said...

YAY for Christmas Vacation!!!! :)

MJ said...

i am th same way! Christmas is my fave. but at the same time, i'm not CRAZY about Target and other places having all the stuff out yet for it. poor Thanksgiving

Heather and Walter said...

64 days? 64 days!!! Aiyeeeeeee!