Thursday, September 2, 2010

favorite things: for the pug

::1. soggy paws- an absolute life/carpet saver for rainy days like today::

::2. puppia- this was a blog recommendation a few years ago when we found out we needed something to help ease pug's respiratory problems on walks.  this is amazing for pugs!  love it::

::3. haute diggity dog toys- pug loves these toys and i think they are hilarious.  i bought pug a chewy vuitton a few years ago and hubs is still so mad at me cause it is his absolute favorite toy to carry around::

::4. martha stewart toy basket- this thing is amazing.  i had this canvas toy basket for pug and he would always reach for something at the bottom and start gagging because it was pressing against his throat.  someone that was over once said, "oh how cute he's sneezing"  i was like no he's choking.  so i found this from the new martha stewart dog line at dog must have::

what are some of your dog must haves?


Happiness Is... said...

Those towels look really useful!

Must haves in my house are raw hides (last way longer than toys and keep the pups entertained) and milkbones, which I swear have doggy crack in them. Our dogs are slaves to the milkbone jar.

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm totally going right now to check out item #1 - I HATE rainy or snowy days & the trail the dogs leave behind!!!

Page said...

so cute! i love the chewy vuitton... one year someone gave winston and sela Ugg boot chew toys that were called "puggs".

hollie marie said...

Such great stuff!!! I purged our house last night of dog toys that had been chewed within an inch of their lives. My lab Mauve is a total toy destroyer!