Wednesday, September 22, 2010

attack of the baby gate

I got into a fight with one of the baby gates yesterday. 

I lost.  And it wasn't pretty.

If you're confused.  No do we not have a baby; we just have three baby gates for one crazy pug.

So, for 5 years I thought I had mastered the art of high jumping over said baby gates, but I guess I was wrong.  I was coming back into the family room and I think my toe must not have cleared it and I go flying across the room landing flat on my face.

It was a moment I was very glad their were no witnesses.   Unless, you call pug a witness.  He was too generous to slowly get up from his nap on the top of the couch to come see what all the racket was about that woke him.  Then he realized the baby gate was done and took off.  Freedom.

So, I laid there for about 20 minutes in agonizing pain convinced I had broken every bone in my left leg.   I think I'm good just a lovely rug burn the size of Alaska and an entire leg/hip/foot that hurts like no tomorrow.

I was going to take a picture for you all, but then I realized it's lunch so I'll spare you.

Watch out for those baby gates!


Lauren said...

Ouch! Ha!

Unknown said...

lol everyone falls over ours all the time :)


Melissa said...

Sounds like the kinda day I had yesterday!!

kelley @ the eclectic owl said...

oh goodness! sounds like that gate came right out and bit you. and then slung you around a little!

Emily Kathleen said...

Oh no! This just happened to a friend of mine the other day (she has baby gates for their crazy little pug too)!

We recently bought baby gates for our little pup too!

Heather said...

So sorry Friend! I took a spill over one of ours and went down the stairs! not fun! Hope you recover quickly. I also hear Babies R Us has gates on sale for 20% off if you need a new one :)