Friday, May 28, 2010

mama's e-mail

Last week on my birthday I made my mom watch the Real Housewives of NY with me.  Needless to say she's hooked and sent me this e-mail last night.

1. when you come over we have to air kiss.

2. we have to learn how to ice skate in a little dress.

3. I need to buy jelly beans before my next meltdown.

love you, mom


flip flops on lex said...

Finally saw this episode last night and holy paranoia. I always thought she was off. Like Ramona, I have a hard time following her trains of thought, however, Ramona was unusually clear and reasonable last night.

I would love your help! Would you be able to make a new banner for me?

Anonymous said...

Aren't Mom's the best?! Love your banner!

Page said...

that is HILARIOUS!! i always thought it would be fun to start air kissing, but here in the south that may not go over well! LOL!

Mrs. Dew said...

OMG that is HILARIOUS! I SO miss this show!

Nishant said...

that is HILARIOUS!!
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sanjeet said...

Love your banner!
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