Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy april fools

The hubs loves April Fools. I have to be sure to stay on my game today and not fall for any of his pranks. So far so good, but the days not over. And I'm not going to lie I love to be his sidekick and do some fooling too. But we don't do the cruel mean kind instead just a fun laugh.

So we've been busy...

My parents- told them we bought another pug...they totally fell for it. I'm not so sure they weren't kind of disappointed it was just a joke ha!

Boy's parents- My in-laws do not have caller id so we can really go all out. They're getting ready to go on vacation so we called my sister-in-law got the dates and hotel name and boy called his dad pretending to be the hotel and informing them they had unfortunately overbooked that week. I had tears from laughing so hard because hub's was so convincing. They were very glad it was just their son.

Friend- One of our best college friends lives overseas...he called this afternoon to prank boy...but boy knows better so unfortunately it didn't work. Instead though boy turned around and told him we were hoping to get to talk to him because he wanted to tell him we were preggars (we're not by the way). He totally fell for it.

Lots of fun laughs today (mostly by us). So have you been fooled or done any fooling today?


Heather said...

we told our families that we were preggers with #4 ... they believed us ... still haven't told them we are not. ... We'll do that tomorrow :)

Lauren said...

Too funny!!!!! :)