Monday, February 22, 2010

waiting for a tivo miracle

We're starting our week off to a VERY sad start; the Tivo is on it's death bed {insert uncontrollable sobs}.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed the tv freezing up and at first thought it was the cable, so I dialed them up screaming "Help! Help!". A sweet tech lady answered and after discussing the weather, dogs, tripping down stairs (don't remember how that made it in there) I admitted my panic in missing Amazing Race & Brothers and Sisters that night. She gasped at the horror, then vowed to ensure that didn't happen.

That's my kind of customer service. I immediately forgot how mad I was at them for charging me for the "Free" month of HBO. Apparently, their version of free is different then mine.

Well to my technology embarrassment it was not the cable and in fact Tivo and today he has taken a turn for the worse (freezing every 2 minutes).

Boy has informed me we must be prepared to say good-bye and switch to DVR.

Then I screamed No...I'm not ready!! All the Grey's, Lost & Office memories. It's been such a faithful friend not to mention the joy of seeing the little Tivo creature!

Boy has promised to try some more CPR tomorrow before we pull the plug.

So much for that Lifetime membership fee.


Heather said...

So sorry! I will say we love our DVR. Never had tivo though. We can hold a memorial service and schedule meals if we need to so you feel supported during this time! :)

Aubs said...

oh noooo!!! we had the exact same thing (with the freezing up) a few months ago and it was horrible...i had so many saved shows that i just lost! =( were you able to catch amazing race and brothers and sisters online?!?

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh, girl..... sorry for your loss, ha!! :(

Carrie said...

i am so sorry ours in our bedroom did the same thing my parents had a dvr for a day and my dad wanted his tivo back :D