Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my hillbilly valentine

Boy cracked his front tooth on a soft taco today at work.

He looks hilarious.

And I totally did not laugh out loud when he walked in the door...because that would be so mean.

And I did not tell him to put the broken piece under his pillow and maybe the tooth fairy would stop by tonight...no that's mean too.

I tried getting a picture for y'all, but no luck. He's shy about his pearly whites.

I couldn't get him into the dentist till Thursday, so bless his heart I'll have my hillbilly valentine for too more days!

Also, my mom's birthday is today! Happy Birthday Mom...I love you!


Lauren Kelly said...

I’m sorry, but this had me cracking up, haha!!!! Especially the tooth fairy comment, LOL!

Nishant said...

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