Friday, January 15, 2010

this week I

...celebrated Big Daddy's aka my dad 60th birthday with a little {beach} soiree. mom surprised him with a family trip to the beach later this year. his face was priceless.

...I am reminded once again how blessed I am to have such an amazing dad. not enough words to express that.

...I baked cupcakes for the party...and dropped the pan losing a few precious caloric-awesomeness on the way down. The survivors we're still good.

....finished my knitted scarf.

...I prayed for those in heart weeps.

...kept warm with a sleeping pug on my lap.

...went to wal-mart at 11 at night one day with boy.

...said twice in wal-mart I wish I had a camera when coming across a few candidates for

...laughed with boy till it hurt.

next week...i'll be a better blogger.


Whitney said...

What a great week! Happy Birthday to Big Daddy!
I always try to get pictures at too, huh!

Aubs said...

ha! the walmarts around here are prime material for too funny! glad you had a good week!

Page said...

ha! our friend introduced us to last month and i've been laughing hysterically ever since...and wishing i had my camera when i go as well.