Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Our December

Instead of just blogging about our December, I thought it would be more entertaining to toss it into a "Not Me" list inspired by Mckmama's Not Me Mondays {always so cute}. Trust me when I say it was uneventful, but will at least explain my blog absence.

1. I did not get diagnosed with a wicked case of gastritis the first week of December, and it did not take trying four different medications to find one that worked. Oh the pain.

2. The medication that did give me some relief was not the one that insurance only partially picked up. Merry Christmas to me.

3. We did not come down with the flu. And probably did not catch it from the multiple doctor's visits.

4. The Christmas tree may or may not have made it's appearance along with half the decorations until December 14th.

5. Upon putting the tree up boy did not declare this would be the last year for a Christmas tree after spending 2 hours fixing the bottom half lights. He does not say that every year.

6. Pug did not eat 2 lights off the Christmas tree. I'm not waiting for him to light up.

7. My flu did not turn into a sinus infection & bronchitis the week of Christmas.

8. I did not watch "A Christmas Story" 3 times back to back on Christmas day. Oh Ralphie!

9. I have not said more than five times this month that I want to get another pug.

10. I have not been told more than five time this month NO! Boy also agrees with that no.

Although a rather painful and exhausting month, we felt so blessed to get to have a wonderful {snowy} Christmas spending it together and with our families.


flip flops on lex said...

You poor thing! It was bronchitis after all? I hope you are feeling much better and in spite of everything still had a great Christmas and New Year. Let's try to catch up soon! -M

Carrie said...

you poor girl I hope you are getting better!

I am glad you had a good Christmas though!

Mrs. Dew said...

hey at least you put up a Christmas tree, we didn't!

Heather said...

GIRL----I am SOOOO sorry! That sounds miserable! I have missed you and hope 2010 means WELLNESS for you!!! :) I am cracking up at Pug eating two lights-ha!

Marissa said...

Oh no!

prashant said...

I hope you are getting better!

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