Tuesday, June 16, 2009

why are television shows so much better on dvd?

Thank you all for your pug birthday wishes on the last post...y'all are too sweet. Some of you asked about the iBone...it's from a toy line called Haute Diggity Dog. We have a few of their other toys and they just crack me up. I found a coupon for entirelypets.com that covered my shipping and a few bucks off the toys so I ordered it from there. Oh and this Furcedes bed is on pug's wish list from that toy line. image credit

I told him I'd buy it for him if he'd re-plaster the wall he gnawed up.

And you can probably tell by now that I have stopped watching the Bachelorette this season. We have a pure addiction for television shows on DVD and got seriously hooked on "Arrested Development". Y'all I'm disappointed in my friends who watched this and failed to mention the sheer hilariousness of it to me. Oh my word.


Kaitlin said...

Arrested Development is the best show! Did you see that they are going to make a movie for it, so amazing!

I am a total junkie for Netflix and TV on DVD. No commercials, no waiting until next week, it is just so amazing!!

Natalie said...

Furcedes...my fave! My poor pug has to have a bed that matches our bedroom.