Thursday, June 25, 2009

where my allowance went

On a recent trip to my parents I decided to open up the spare room closet and show boy my "plush" 401K that hides out there waiting for it's great profitable return.

The Beanie Babies.

Don't judge.

I know a few of you could be found at a local Hallmark in the mid 90's picking up a few of these.

But boy laughed. More a nervous laughter though.

He'll be thanking me though when these bad boys make their comeback and we can retire to Oahu.

At least I hope.

Okay, maybe not.


Marissa said...

I saw scrunchies on American Apparel's website so anything is possible!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

This made me smile. My sister was obsessed with beanie babies!

I bet you could make money on at least a few of them!

Heather said...

I have this same "retirement fund" in our attic!!! We will both be rich if they come back! If not, I am hoping our kids love playing with them.

Marie said...

I remember these! You had a shoe organizer for all the beanies. You're a good sport to handle boy's laughing. Here's to hoping they'll make a come back.

Lauren Kelly said...

I soooo had to laugh at this one! I was a HUGE, and I mean HUGE beanie babie fanatic! I even went to a beanie babie convention. I was in beanie babie heaven!!! So I have no room to judge, haha!!! :)

Mrs. Nurse said...

I remember the beanie baby craze. I never collected them; however, Mr. Nurse's grandma collected them for him. Kinda odd, but it was a sweet gesture. Now he is in the same boat a ton of beanie's with no where to go. I hope we can cash in someday too :)