Tuesday, April 21, 2009

pitiful pug

**UPDATE** Oh I've gone an done it and broke the blog. I went back to open this and somehow removed all comments. How I'm not sure, but my apologizes if this shows up in your reader as new. But y'all thanks a ton for the allergy suggestions for pug. I really appreciate the help. I called the vet and got the dosage down so we'll give that a try. And then Life as a Busy Wife had a great suggestion to wipe his face down with a warm wet rag to help remove the pollen. He seems to be sneezing less when I do this after he comes in from outside.

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Pug & I have got the allergies.

I'm blessed to usually not be effected by whatever it is that floats around Texas every spring.

Just seems to be every 4 years.

Like the Olympics, only with watery eyes and no metals.

But if there were metals I'd get a gold for being the whiniest.

But look at poor pug.

Melt my heart. He gets terrible spring allergies and then to top it off I've noticed a few hot spots on his paws tonight. I've heard you can do benadryl to help keep the hots pots from itching, but I'm a little nervous about that and not sure on the appropriate dosage. I don't want to OD the dog. So any of my doggy bloggy friends, if you have any advice on those dreaded hot spots to help a pug & his mama out I'd be ever so grateful!


Kaitlin said...

my puggle has severe allergies, and the vet told us how to properly give the dog benadryl. You would be surprised at how easy it is. It really makes them feel a ton better. I also do warm cloths on his face at night to wash away any pollen. Talk to the vet, it is totally worth it.

Rebecca Jo said...

My poor Aussie is allergic to EVERYTHING! We give her Benadryl too - she's about 75 lbs though & we give her a whole pill...

She also gnaws at her leg & gets hot spots... we got a cleanser the vet gave us to spray on it that heals it - I think it burns her - but we blow on it & then I think the taste of it keeps her away from it for awhile.

poor doggies!

Heather said...

My Gracie girl (She's a Westie) has allergies sometimes, too, and our vet ok'd Benadryl. We give her half a capsule at a time. (It is tough cutting those things in half, though, let me tell you). We usually try to hide it in cheese or something, but she's too smart for us sometimes. The liquid would definitely work better...maybe even the children's kind. I would ask your vet for sure, but it could give some relief to poor pug!
Hope you both feel better soon!

Molly said...

Awwww, poor puggie.

Page said...

oh, yes, Winston has the same problems!! I wish I could put little booties on him when he goes outside 'cause the grass is the worst for him. Our vet said one adult benadryl (I think it's 50mg). An added benefit being that he would calm down. It didn't work for itchiness or to calm down. Stubborn pug.

Whitney said...

I just read this post! How sad he looks! I hope you have got him to feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've stumbled upon your blog through Pug Posse.

I'm from New Brunswick, Canada. I work as a vet assistant...and I'm a pug owner, a "seasonal allergy" pug, the best kind :oP

Benedryl is fine for dogs. Generally just one adult dosage...but for a pug may be a half tab. I would always confirm with your Dr. just to be sure. It's also not a long term med for "allergy dogs". It's more a fast acting treatment for vaccine reactions or ingestion of something, etc. My pug is an allergy dog and i treat her regularly with Vanectyl P for her itch and other discomforts, it's PHENOMENAL! For hot spots we also use a steroid spray. It works really well once it settles in to the affected area to help with the itchies and stops the pet from licking which ultimately causes more infection.

I'd get them checked out regardless to get yourself set up on some home care.

Good Luck :o)

Anonymous said...

...oops, sorry...shouldn't say Benedryl is not a long term treatment , perhaps it is in some cases...just not in my experience :o)

Abstaining Irene said...

Picture of Pug breaks my heart! Hope you both beat those nasty allergies soon and get to enjoy allergy free days!

Anonymous said...

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