Friday, March 13, 2009

church search

Sorry the blog has been kind of quiet lately . If you put your ear up to the monitor you can hear the crickets chirping.

But yep, we are on that search.

So our search kind of got me thinking because I'm sure so many of y'all have been on this hunt or maybe are even on it now. I hope you found "the one" in the end because y'all there is nothing better than the community of a church. It is truly a gift and we feel overly blessed to have had that with our old church We absolutely adored it. We were surrounded for 4 years by a fantastic pastor, great worship and a wonderful community that you could get real with and they'd get real with you back. And friends I truly believe that's what it's about. The bar is set just a bit high now.

So why are we parting ways?

Location, Location, Location.

I know that sounds like a terrible reason but let me explain.

Our church isn't super close. When we moved where we moved we said we'd make it work. Well we have, but it's hard because we were running up there at least 2 or 3 times a week. That trek makes it rough not to mention I don't ever recall being on time. We were always the ones running through the parking lot ranting about that darn traffic. Okay, so no traffic on Sundays but I'm too embarrassed to admit that we love the snooze button and I can never decide what to wear.

Then, the bigger reason. It's hard to invite people. "Hey, come to church with us. Bring a snack you may get hungry on the way!"

So, that leads us to the search. The former PK (preacher's kid) and Girl who grew up Catholic on a church hunt. I've found it's a process you have to be patient with and open minded about. The focus has to be about Him not us. And of course, there is no perfect church so you can't be so nit picky about it.

"This one talked too long"
"The music wasn't any good."
"Why did everyone except us have a Starbucks cup?"

See. Shame on us. But we're getting better. I know there will be that Sunday where we sit down and it feels right. So I'd love to hear your search stories, tips or funny church stories (I love those).


Heather said...

Totally understand about the church thing!! There were many churches that we wanted to go to here but were 30-45 minutes away! We knew we would get involved and didn't see that happening 2-3 times a week. Hoping you find the right church for you guys!!

Rebecca Jo said...

I am so blessed... when we moved, i tried the church at the end of our street - 3 miles away... it was immediately home! been there for years now...I know I've been extrememly lucky with that!

Good luck on the church for a new "home"

Melissa said...

I'm doing this exact same thing and it's hard!

Natalie said...

Hey girl - you probably know I'm Mormon. I don't know if you've ever tried that out, but generally the people are uber friendly (they plan your funerals for free, perk!), there aren't any Starbucks cups, and there will definitely be one close to your house.

Oh, and they for sure encourage friend invites.

Email me - for more info.

haha...I promise I can have two boys in suits eager to talk to you in days...but I'm just not that type of person that's going to push my Bachelor loving friend into two eager Elders without her permission! And I need more info besides...well, it's a boy and a girl and a pug!

But no seriously -- my pug and I wish you luck in your search for inspiration!

Whitney said...

I'm sending you an email regarding this topic! Ha!

Lee said...

I've been searching for a church for a while. Still haven't found one!

Anonymous said...

we've got an awesome church that we just found about 4 mos. ago...i'm not sure where you are in texas. i'm going to try to find email for you and if I do, I'll send you an email, okay?

Erin said...

I've been at the same great church since I was born, so I consider myself lucky. I wish you well on your search!

Heather said...

Oh, good luck! You are right- church searching is so hard. You want everything and there is no church, just like there is no person that is exactly perfect. I will pray that you find a great (and closer!) church!

Lindsey said...

I like your blog, you have a new reader!!

I know it's tough, but good luck on the search, it will be worth it!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Me and my husband had been searching for 2 years! And we finally volunteered one Sunday at the VA Hospital to help set up and take patients to the service. It is a small community (only 3 other people) and no real music, but it works for us.

I would say that it also makes us appreciate when we do go to the bigger churches and get a little less hung up on the details. It is also a good way to try something different!

Mrs. D said...

I think you have to decide what's important to you as a couple and look for that in a church. For instance, we're becoming more interested in volunteering for events that prepare engaged couples for marriage and wanted to be at a church that supports those efforts. If you have an interest or passion the church you belong to should be able to help you use that passion! Good luck!!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

You could always come to church with us! We just bought land down the street!