Monday, January 5, 2009

episode one

It's Bachelor time again! Oh yes ma'am. I've missed our chats talking about it from last season. I need a name for our little after Bachelor shin digs because it's such a blast. Okay, so somehow this show always gets me hooked. Each time I'm like "I'm not going to watch it" and then go figure you know where to find me Monday nights. Especially after DeAnna ripped out Jason's heart and stomped on it at the end of last season's...I walked around the house for a week telling boy how I was so OVER the Bachelor.

And then they announced it would be Jason and I've been counting down the days. So here we are ...let's chat it up!

First...I cannot type this fast enough...we must talk about the previews for the season. Oh my stars I cannot believe DeAnna comes back!!! And the best part she tells him what a mistake she made. For crying out loud...I'm speechless. I sure hope he helps her find the door on her way out, but didn't it look like she may stick around for a bit? Oh that's some nerve of her to say that. Can't wait to see how that all goes down.

Okay and second, was this just me or when they showed him proposing was she a brunette? I notice these things.

Now on to the ladies. There just seems to be so much more drama this time doesn't there? I don't think you could pay me to live in that house for a night. I'm going to start with my "oh my" list.

1. Jillian- the hot dog theory thing really freaked me out. I really started praying that she would just stop mid sentence. Bless Jason's sweet heart though he's so good a pretending that weird stuff is normal. I was kind of surprised she got a rose after that.

2. Megan- I'm not liking that Chris too much for that mean trick he pulled. I feel for those ladies. Not feeling like Megan's really mature enough for this. I was shocked when Jason said he would have given her a rose anyway. Really? Hope this gives him some insight though.

3. Renee- Two board. She was just as cute as can be though.

4. Sharon- She's the one that left her job to do the show. I don't really get that. That's a bit desperate to me, but what do I know.

5. I had my list and then got off the phone with my mom and she thinks Jackie needs to be added. I agree. Okay so we all plan/planned our dream wedding in our heads...but the rule is that you never share the details to a camera crew...especially if you just got dumped (regardless if you're a wedding planner or not). She also cried which drives me crazy when it's the first night.

Now my top picks...

1. Stephanie- Bless her heart...I started tearing up when she talked about her late husband. I really liked her though and she had a kid too. She seems very mature, sweet and down to earth. She seems there for the right reasons.

2. Nikki- also really thought a lot of her. Glad to see that she got the first impression rose.

3. Shelby- how is she 23? Gorgeous, but she looked older. I was also kind of surprised at how young some of the girls were. The young ones make me nervous.

So there is episode one...cannot wait to hear your thoughts!


ShortOne said...

i am right on track with you!

DeAnna, SERIOUSLY - is it 3rd times a charm or 3 strikes & she's out?!?!

and i agree with your run down of the girls so far...but i am thinking the dental hygenist chick that got out of the limo w/the crazy teeth (can't remember her name suddenly), definitley the crazy stalker, she knew just a little too much & was just a little over the top for me!

ShortOne said...

shannon, it was shannon that i'm talking about - stalker!

Lee said...

My mom's friend Dan worked on the Bachelor for a while.
My mom's a writer, so she knows a lot of hollywood folk.
Everything I hear bachelor I think "dan".

Heather said...

I got suckkered in ... again! And so did J! hahaha! And what is this with Deanna! I almost got up last night to e-mail you and see your thoughts ... crazy! There were a few I liked and they got roses! I can't remember names ... my brain is not as keen as it once was :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

I skipped right through your post - because I haven't had a chance to watch it yet (DVR)...but I am so excited we get to chat it up again! I will be back later!

Mrs. Nurse said...

i just loved it last night (mostly because i think jason is the most adorable man ever). i could not believe that DeAnna comes back. i find it very odd as well that her and ski-boy she picked last time split up this summer..could they be fooling us?! surely not! I was freaked out by Jillian and the hot dog thing as well as Sharon trying to salsa right off the bat..who does those things?! I thought it was sweet revenge that Megan got to stay after being the #1 vote. I am not sure about her being with him but found it sad when she did her spill after being voted! I thought Melissa was going to be the #1 pick. She has a quirky personality. I liked her. I also liked Kari & Shannon (although i would be weireded out if someone knew that much info. about me off the bat).

Shannon said...

Totally a brunette at the end!

Totally SHOCKED that Deanna would do that! Desperate! I am so embarrassed FOR her!

I liked the widow too....even if she was a She did seem really sweet and there for the right reasons though!

It is going to be a good season!

Heather said... I am going to have to start watching so I can join in on the fun!!!

Heather said...

I'm so glad you are blogging about the bachelor! I just got finished watching it on tivo. I agree that A LOT of the girls look older than they are. I have to wonder if they are pulling our leg with this DeAnna thing...maybe she is just there to give him advice not really trying to get him back??

The Mrs. said...

I didn't watch last night, but have faithfully watched almost every other bachelor(ette) season before now. I wasn't a huge fan of Jason...Deanna must be 100% nerve to show back up after choosing the "self-employed snowboarder" last season.

Anywho...reading this makes me think I need to tune in next Monday..

Rebecca Jo said...

I screamed when I saw she was back! NOOOO! She better not hurt him...

And that scene where he is crying over the edge of the balcony... I wanted to cry for him... what happens!!!!!

I like Stephanie the best too but it looks like who he proposes to is in a blue dress & dark complextion.

Vision Board girl... totally freaked me out... her eyes were odd.

Erin said...

My cousin and aunt always rave about The Bachelor, but I hadn't watched it much before. (I watched a little bit when Aaron whats-his-name was the bachelor because he's from Springfield.) Well, they got me hooked with the first episode, so now I'm going to join in the fun!

And I'm just like you. I had an entire conversation with my cousin today about how they showed him proposing to a brunette in a baby blue dress. Even if the last 2 girls are both brunettes, hello! We know he's going to propose to the one in blue. It just got me all riled up!

And I was sooo disappointed that he didn't give a rose to Stacia (the single mom. 2 kids. short dark hair). She was my favorite right off the bat.

Oh man, clearly I cannot wait to discuss more.

Whitney said...

Were you not just dying at Shannon's teeth? The whole time I kept thinking about the FRIENDS episode where Ross whitens his teeth!!!!

Scrapper Mom said...

GURL!!!! I am totally into chatting it up. I blogged on this too so be sure and check me out on Tuesdays!
Three things.
1. Shannon - weird. hated the teeth. Who would do that?? stalker, most def.
2. Vision board girl. Glad she's gone. Agree with the strange eye thing.
3. Deanna - Can't believe what I saw. Ready for some ACTION!!

Aubs said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe i missed your post about this.

Deanna...seriously?? I was so going nuts when they showed the season previews....but they are so good at twisting all of those shots so i CANNOT wait to see what that whole deal is all about!

And cracking up that you look for little details like the color of the hair or what color the dress is when they are showing previews...haha...soooo do that too!!

I have to confess that its hard to see him w/ anyone other than Deanna and i didn't realize i felt that way until i watched the show! But i did like the girl he gave the first impression rose to(i don't know how you have the names down already but i can't keep track the first night!) and there were a couple of others that seem like they might be a good fit!

Looking forward to tomorrow night and the rest of the season!!!

The Mrs. said...

I've given in and hope you're happy! (LOL!) I'm watching right now.