Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Paper or Plastic

First, I have to tell y'all quickly I'm a huge fan of Homemade Gourmet. They have some of the best dips and bread mixes out there! I recently came across Jennifer's Homemade Gourmet blog and saw the cutest thing ever.

How perfect and adorable is that for Holiday parties? The base holds ice to keep the dip that sits on top fresh and cool. Being the sweet daughter that I am I gave it to my mom and she squealed in delight at it's cuteness. I'm going to have to get me one now!

Hooray for Election Day!! As you can see from the previous post pug is rather excited for election day and I was tempted to title the post "please go vote if for no other reason than the fact it took me a long time to pose my pug for this picture". And yes that a treat he's eyeballing and sorry the lighting is so gag worthy too.

Hope you all got a chance to vote already...if not hurry!! We went this morning excited to try out those new fancy smancy electronic voting systems. Once we found the correct area to go we headed over to our alphabetized section, signed in and then were directed to another table. I walked up and the lady behind the table goes,

"Paper or Plastic?"

"Um, sorry?"

"Oh I meant paper or electronic"

"Oh well electronic then"

"Well we only have one and the line's too long"

"How about paper then...I'll kick it old school one more time".

And that was voting 2008 now we're off to an election party!!


Heather said...

How cute is that!? I may just have to buy one myself!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

Very funny about the paper and plastic.

Jennifer said...

I am so glad that the dip chiller was a hit! They are a HUGE it again this year! Can't wait to see which one you order !