Monday, September 15, 2008

i've been missing out

The adorably sweet and cute pregger girl Kelly had posted on her blog this weekend about her crazy deals at Walgreens. I read her post and was blown away because I have never heard of such things.

Maybe I need to walk into the store for prescriptions every once in awhile instead of being too lazy and making a bee line for the drive-thru. Which by the way if your a drive-thru girl too, does it ever cross your mind to see if they can quickly run and grab you a gallon of milk too? Don't worry I won't ask, but I guarantee a drive-thru grocery store would make a killing!

Someone pitch that to a grocery store.

So, back to I'm blown away by her savings. I ran out last night to fill up my car with gas for fear that I'd be paying double in the morning so I swung by our Walgreens.

And looky what I got. This is crazy I tell you.

I purchased all the items in the picture (including 2 chapsticks not seen because boy ran and put those away) for $31.95. All the items except the chapsticks and the soap were part of their rebate program. The soap had a coupon in their brochure, then the chapstick was buy one get one free, and the kindest sales lady gave me a coupon for the wrinkle cream. Note I don't have wrinkles and even though my mom doesn't need the cream either she'll take that off my hands and I pocket that money from the coupon. I asked for the money to be put on a gift card and by doing that I got 10% back which means I get a grand total of $30.94.

I'll end up spending a $1.01

It's crazy and only took me 15 minutes in and out of the store then logging on to get the rebate. Thanks Kelly for sharing this!


Kelly said...

Well - you did even better than me!!! I know isn't it crazy - I keep wondering how they are making money. They better hope too many people don't figure this out. I have to figure out how to use both the Wal-Greens and manufacturer coupons to my advantage to make money to shop. ha! (and you are sweet!)

Jennifer said...

That is awesome! With twins at home, I am FOR SURE going to have to check that out as we watch evey penny these days.... Thanks too for sharing! I did something very similar to this at Target not too long ago as they had web coupons, we got 740 Pampers wipes and 36 diapers for $1.40, but they put a stop to that after 2 days :( Can't wait to check this out. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

Don't you love a good deal!!!

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I need to check this out! So many people are talking about these deals lately.

I tagged you on my blog (if you haven't done this one yet) :)

Carrie said...

wow that is really great, I never use coupons I really need to start with gas getting so high.

ShortOne said...

I am going to have to check into this game - i love a good bargain! thanks for sharing this with us.

Lane said...

Wow that's so awesome! I love deals like that! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Whoa...I read Kelly's post and now I am really thinking I am missing out!

Natalie said...

I hear about people doing this! At Walgreens and CVS -- but I don't get it! Do they mail you the gift card?

I need someone to walk me through this with baby steps.