Monday, May 26, 2008

It sucks me in everytime

Okay, so once again the Bachelorette sucked me in and took two whole hours out of my day. I'm a sucker for the reality television I tell you.

Did only 3 have to leave? I'm really disappointed with the outcome and thought we could have sped this up a bit and tossed out a few others. I thought surely there is no way that she will keep Twilley, but she surprised me and kept him. I found it a little creepy that he was standing outside her home waiting for her to return to chat. I'm not seeing the chemistry there. I think Chris was a much better match and would have liked to have seen him stay over Twilley.

Eric, seemed very sweet, but the boy just could not have a conversation without discussing Greece. He had to go.

Ryan, nice guy, I would have thought she would have picked someone else to leave over him like Robert.

So here are my favorites today, feel free to chime in (or make fun of me).
Brian W.


Heather said...

WHY did she keep twilly? He seriously scares me! I agree it was creepy when he waited outside.

sad to see Ryan go and so glad greece boy left!

I have to tivo this and watch it the next day ... so I will make sure on Tuesdays I don't come here until I've watched it :) I came this morning and left when I saw you talking bout it so it wouldn't be spoiled!

Tam said...

it sucked me in like the fishing channel too!

i never watch the bachelor/ette. ever. but this one got to me!

i think im in.

dang it.

Natalie said...

I don't like Twilly!!

I love Graham and the dad of a 3-year-old -- he's still in, right?

And didn't she keep the martial arts guy? Why? She needs to look at this as "who can I wake up next to forever" not "who is being nice to me"