Wednesday, March 5, 2008

An error in the grammar

Oh my forgive me. I'm just coming out of denial and admitting to the fact that I am a horrible speller. Or maybe just really lousy at grammar. Or both. With my blog posts lately you wouldn't have believed that I graduated college or competed in the 7th grade spelling bee.

Oh wait I lost the spelling bee I think on like the second word. So never mind. And now that is a word that I could spell in my sleep because it is forever embedded in my mind.

I had published my previous post the other day and came back a few hours later and saw that I had totally misspelled some rather 2nd grade level words, so I sat horrified and rushed back in to blogger and fixed them. Forgive me. You poor people that commented must have just been humoring my rubbish that made no sense. Bless you for that.

And I'm feeling confident about this post being error free because we are at the lake right now and I am using my mom's computer, a dell, and I've discovered all these fancy features that PC offers in blogger that a mac does not. What is with this? If I spell a word wrong it is kind enough to let me know automatically. I can link without having to type in the whole html code all by my lonesome self. This is fancy stuff. Am I missing something?


Heather said...

You miss those things but I hear that with a Mac you can do so much more than with a PC. :)

So did you watch last night ... what do you think? Personally I'm glad she's out. Maybe the drama will lessen now.

Erin said...

I'm just glad that spell check works again!

mandy said...

its been a long time (maybe an infinite) since i've heard someone praising a PC over a Mac!
and my computer screen didn't disentegrate.......

Tam said...

i'm with mandy!

what's gotten into you girl???