Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spam doesn't just come in a can...

it's also polluting up my inbox.

My word where does it all come from? I mean are people really sitting at their desk randomly sending out e-mails for crazy things? I might just never understand these fancy internet things.

Between 3 e-mail addresses I get a lot. So I really feel about a quarter of my day is spent deleting these e-mails. I have to weed through them because if I don't then an important e-mail slips in, get deleted and just messes my life up. But when I get desperately bored they provide some great entertainment. This one I just received could go into the hall of fame of spam funniness.

"Want to be a CSI agent?"

Hum well I don't know, maybe. Do I get to work with Grissom, Sara and the rest of the Las Vegas team ? I mean seriously. Folks we are in a load of trouble if our crime investigators are being hired from spam e-mails.

Now your share your spam hall of fame.


Heather said...

Oh the ones I love the ones are the contests that I win that I n.e.v.e.r entered! I've won millions in the UK lottery, a HD TV, a computer, a $500 gift card to many places and a few other things. I've also gotten the male pill e-mails ... gotta love the non can spam! Love the spam button in my e-mail ... it at least keeps that sender from sending again :)

Kari & Kijsa said...

We are so excited...A former queen just e-mailed us, and if we only send her half our life savings...she promises us her former chair of royalty and free access to the crown jewels!! Can you believe how lucky we are..!! say she contacted you...and you...!

Wishing you a spam-free day (both the e-mail and the kind in the can!!!)

Thanks for helping make kari's fourtieth such a success!

kari & kijsa

The Ames Family said...

I am ALWAYS getting e-mails offering me "the little blue pills" in bulk for a "great low price"?! I also get the male pill e-mails... SERIOUSLY?!?!!

And the most recent..."I have come across a great fortune... All I need is this and this and this... And THIS... And I will let you partake in a small amount of it. I want to tell them... 'Um, no thank you... I watch 20/20... I know about people like you!' :)

Anonymous said...

I know - I get them all the time! Mostly Viagra. But I get that one sometimes that says, "I need to transfer a large sum of money to your bank account. Just give me your account number and you can keep X amount of it." Wow - do people actually fall for this??

Tam said...

Only ones I get are male enhancement spam-mails. They're really "BIG" on sending a lot of those out!


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