Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hallmark's Finest

I love my husband more than I could ever begin to tell you. He is so talented in so many aspects.

However, cards shopping is not his strongest.

As Forrest Gump once said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get". Well in boy's aspect. You never know what you're gonna get when he hands over a card.

My first point. This Card. This card was Valentine's 2005 right before we got married. I was shocked because this card actually came from the appropriate Valentine's card rack. You will later learn that many times I get a generic card or gas station card because of his wonderful ability to wait until the last minute or a simple explaination later that too many people were standing in the way of the Valentine's section. Oh the love isn't is glowing!

So let's get back to the monkey in the boxer card. Notice how he adds commentary to the card for a more personalized approach. How sweet and creative of him!

Now what you can't see is that the card does not open, hint the back. And nothing is more romantic than the word "hitched", is it?

Now let me back up a few years to our college days and tell you about our first Valentine's. My first true love and I clearly remember thinking this is going to be the most poetic card and I'll just treasure this one forever. Maybe even frame it. I opened it up and low in behold it's in spanish (explaination-slim pickings if you wait until the afternoon of Valentine's day) so he made do. Sadly for him I read spanish pretty well, shocking since I just got back from that class that afternoon. The card translated to "Happy Valentine's Day to my Grandmother". Oh yes ma'am it did. I could not lie about such things. I think my roommate wet her pants laughing so hard.

And then Valentine's 2006. Our first V-day as hubs and wife. I open the card and there is a picture of all these black goldfish swimming around and one bright yellow goldfish in the middle. You open it up and it says "I like you because you're different". How romantic?

I promise I've searched my house high and low to find these cards.

Now don't be jealous ladies of my Romeo!


Kelly said...

That is hysterical! My husband is no romantic either but he gets a little better every year with much coaching!
He usually buys me cards with some kind of animal on them. I'm just glad he buys me cards!

Tam said...

Mine usually gives me cards with sounds. Typically bodily function noises! Getting me cards is really more for his enjoyment rather than mine. As long as there's dark chocolate involved I really don't care!

The Ames Family said...

I love your blog and have been "stalking" for a while. This is too funny and all too familiar. I had a friend who's husband bought her a "Happy Birthday to my Niece" card... He crossed out the "e" in niece and added "wife"... To say, "Happy Birthday to my 'nice wife'". His excuse was he liked the picture on it... MEN!

Heather said...

Classic! I probablly would have wet my pants too! What great stories you have to tell your children. I love those moments that are different that you can always hang onto. Makes your relationship personal and unique and truely yours!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. It makes me want to go back through old cards to see if my husband is the same and maybe I just missed it?? : )