Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's back!!

Guess what this is?
Oh yes ma'am! The nuts and chews have returned. Click HERE to read the first post.

I walked out the front door this morning and low and beyond a package addressed to Dr. Cat from My BF!

I feared this is going to be a monthly tradition. Sort of like the fruit of the month club except I'm not paying for it and it would like stealing. So, I got on the phone and called again!

Not cause I have issues, but because it's the right thing to do.

Charles helped me this time. I love the See's Candies folks because they find the pure humor in it. I also suggested maybe a board meeting on not allowing sudo names to go out without the senders real information so ya know to save your company $20 bucks a month. They seemed intrigued with that brilliant idea. We'll see if I need to keep them on speed dial. I do pray I don't.

And while I'm giving free advice to candy companies, gagging from a dog that won't poop in the house because the fence is broken in the backyard and he can't poop out there and refuses to poop anywhere else except the dining room, getting the fence people to stop by, and dealing with a husband who is apparently on his death bed.

Boy is sick.

He thinks it's the plague, maybe even the onset of polio but I feel that the crazy wind storm we had yesterday brought in a whole lot of junk and his allergies have gone bonkers.

He still feels the plague is more likely and insists on his temperature being taken every so often to prove that he needs full access to the remote and slushes from Sonic.

My mom used to say that she'd rather take the illness when my dad got sick. I now know what she means.


Kari & Kijsa said...

TeeHee- not that we mean to laugh...we just understand!! Hope your day gets better!

kari & kijsa

Kelly said...

This post made me laugh really really hard. (I'm sorry to laugh).
Hope your day is better today!

Erin said...

That's so weird! I hope you don't get any more weird gifts in the mail!

And, I tagged you... :)

Tam said...

Why did you get all the funny bones? You are hysterical girl!

So is See's gonna start sending you free candy for the hassle?

Ya, I'd get on that if I were you =)

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

If you need any help eating that See's...let me know!