Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meet my new friend!!

Organic Ranch!!!

I had no idea that made such a thing and low and behold after sending a desperate e-mail to my doc. asking for a little help in this detox roller coaster she said go and get me some organic ranch.

Friends, it was a great day!

Right up there with my wedding day.

Some of you have asked how much longer, and I apologize for not having ever mentioned that in my posts. About another week. They want me to come and do some tests on the old liver to see how things are going. I do miss my food, but more so I miss cooking for my husband. That part is really getting to me because I so loved his praises after a good meal.

And speaking of good meals. This is my new fav. It was my last normal meal and I can't wait to make it again because it was so deliciouso.

Black Bean Burritos:
1 Can of black beans drained and rinsed
1 8 oz. of low fat cream cheese
1/2 of a red bell pepper chopped up
1 tsp. olive oil

So easy...all you do is saute the red bell pepper in olive oil for a few minutes. Then add in the cream cheese and the black beans until warm. The cream cheese will completely soften up. The spoon onto a tortilla.

Oh good. My mouth had never taste such goodness before these babies.


Tam said...

Organic ranch? Could you tell a difference?

You've come so far...way to go! counting down with you!

Suzi said...

You go with your organic ranch girl!

Hope all is well and that you get a wonderful report in a week:D