Thursday, September 13, 2007

TiVo is back to work

Sorry I couldn't resist another post on t.v. Even the words Fall make me think September which makes me think new shows on T.V. It's sad really I know. I thought I'd share with you all what I'm looking forward to checking out since you all so graciously shared with me.

Let's start with FOX. I'm always a little weary about tuning into their new sitcoms, cause well they just don't last. That is except for Simpsons and American Idol. But, Patricia Heaton is back to tv this season with her new show "Back to You" on Wednesday nights with Kelsey Grammer. Again rather shocked it's on FOX, but I do have hopes for this show with such a strong cast and the previews look really funny.

The one I'm really looking forward to in the comedy department is "The Big Bang Theory" on CBS. How hilarious does this look? 2 nerds and a chick always scores comedy points. So far loving the previews and can't wait to watch on Mondays.

Also, another comedy I'm ready to check out is "Carpoolers" on ABC.

Here's my predicition for biggest comedy flop...."Samantha Who?" It has a great cast with Christina Applegate and Barry Watson, but come on ABC you've got to be pretty talented to make a show about someone coming out of a coma last a couple years. I see this not making it to season 2.

Now onto the Dramas.

I'm just going to go ahead and give a big huge flop rating to "Bionic Woman" in hopes that someone from NBC will happen to read this post, take my advice and save their career and take it off the air. This shows looks awful.

I am super excited because my favorite drama "Grey's Anatomy" has a spin-off this year called "Private Practice". So brillant to do a spin-off while the show is going. Keeps us viewers watching both. I love Kate Walsh and the cast is amazing. Tim Daly, anyone remember him from "Wings" and then we have Amy Brennan who is a fabulous actress and was in "Judging Amy" a great show that ended a few years ago. Very excited about this one that will be on ABC Wednesday nights.

And also in the drama shows is the "Women's Murder Club". I've read some of James Patterson's books. He is an extremely talented murder mystery author and so I'm excited to see what this show will do. It's got Angie Harmon in it, who I think is so talented. My only negative speculation on the show is that it will be on ABC Friday nights. Friday night shows have a hard time staying a float. I don't seem to watch too much tv on Fridays not like I used to when we had T.G.I.F's and "Full House" was on. Will see though, I'll still TiVo it.

And last but not least...Reality TV.

Pumped about "Biggest Loser" although Allison Sweeney will be hosting it instead of Caroline Rhea. Not sure why yet. This show inspires me to work out, so 2 thumbs up for that.

Also, I've never watched "Survivor", but I will check out this seasons. I'm curious to see how the Christian Radio Host from South Carolina does.

And the ultimate flop EVER... "Kid Nation". I do not like the idea of young kids without mom or dad. Not a cool idea folks.


Anonymous said...

CBS has a new website up for The Big Bang Theory with some new clips. Go here and click "Watch Video". There are three, but the one that says : Who is the Big Bang Anyway ? clip is the funniest. Go here :

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Did you watch Biggest Loser on Tuesday? Cause I cried...more than once.

Anonymous said...

hey stupid-
carpoolers is on abc.

Heather said...

Nice to be called stupid? Hope you know the "anonymous" who left you that msg. Anyway, what did you think of BB8 last night? I don't even want to watch the end. I didn't want those 2 to win. ... UGH!

Tam said...

I'm just impatiently waiting for American Idol to return...