Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oil and Vinegar

I own my own business. I don't know if I've shared that with you all before. I won't go into to much detail because that's not the point of the post. God's hands have truly been wrapped around the business from the get go. He's lead me where I need to go, not maybe where I want it to go, but where He needs it to go. I just have to listen closely.

My business is Christian based. I love having God as my CEO and being totally free to share that. Although I thought it would be easier than it is. I mean who doesn't love Jesus...amen? Well I've had a harse dose reality of the beliefs around us, particularly in the last few months. The more the business grows the more challenges I am faced with.

I've received numerous comments that the "the God thing needs to be turned down" if it should make it. But most recently, I received an stab you in the heart sort of e-mail where you are just shocked that they call themselves a Christian when they say such hurtul things.

Honestly, it's never a side of life I wanted to ever witness. But I have and it's there. Now let me clarify that these were all comments made by individuals from their own opinions. They are intitled to say whatever they want, but what I am getting at is how careful we have to be when we combine our faith with our words. When step up the plate to accept His Grace, it doesn't mean that tomorrow we can go out gossiping to our best friend. When we call him our Abba Father it doesn't mean we can turn and yell at the cashier behind the desk for her mistake.

It's like oil and vinegar the two don't mix.

We are all guilty of it, I am no saint sitting behind this computer. I encourage you to not slake on your faith and be proud that you can worship such a righteous Lord.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

Well, its just like anything though, you have to show and not tell...sadly.

Come see my Auggie pic:) You will love it:)

Tam said...

"how careful we have to be when we combine our faith with our words" That is a GREAT statement! It says it all! Hmmmm, Christian based business - but tone it down? That is odd to me. How ya gonna handle that one?

Heather said...

Great post! Sorry you have had to go through such hurt with your business. We will keep it in our prayers.

I'm with Tam great statment "how careful we have to be when we combine our faith with our words." we've seen the ugly side of the church being in ministry and having family in ministry and it can be hard. However, we cling to Jesus and let it bounce off as best we can.

Anonymous said...

wow. applauding you for your christian business.... i used to work for one - owned by one of the elders at our church. it is a growing national retail chain called "Go Fish Clothing, Inc.".... its an amazing company, and the favor of our God is all over it!
may his favor rest on your business as well.

Your typical tween girl said...

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