Thursday, September 27, 2007

Finding stuff we didn't even know we had

I got a letter on my door Monday informing me of a garage sale that our neighborhood is having in a week.

Friends you may not know this about me, but I love getting rid of junk in my home. It drives me crazy. Sometimes when I even visit other people's homes I envision decluttering their lives for them. It's so wrong I know. Now, boy could on the other hand live quite comfortably as a pack rat. He is insistant on keeping everything because ,well, you never know when 25 screw drivers may come in handy one day.

When we got married many of his items "accidentally" fell off the moving van when moving to our new apartment. So tragic it happened to his and not mine.

So over our married years he's adapted well to my "if you don't use it in a year, we sell it" policy. Our dining room has now happily turned into Operation 2007 Garage Sale.

I feel so light already.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

That is SO my mom though, she will get rid of anything if I don't act like I use it all the time, or wear it all the time...I have made myself quite my own fashion sense by doing least I get to keep everything:)

Be Blessed:)


Anonymous said...

You bad girl;) I tried to do that once and got caught by the hubs,lol!
He was so mad. You should see our closet:O

V said...

It's a good way to live...clutter and distraction free! Besides, the Bible says to store up our treasures in heaven, right?