Thursday, August 30, 2007

The longest conversation ever about Hot Pockets

The other day I ended up at Walgreen's during my errand run. I was just going to pick up a prescription when I remembered we were out of milk. I was bummed at the thought of not getting to use the drive thru and actually have to do something strenuous such as walking in this heat wave. Don't get me wrong I was tempted to see if they could just slide through a half gallon of milk through the little window, but opted not to. Maybe if I had kids that would work.

So I walk in and decided I should probably pick up a few other essentials to tide us over till my weekly grocery store trip. I grabbed the perscription, bottled water, the milk, found these new guacamole pringles that looked rather yummy so I tossed those in too, and took a look at the frozen foods and reached for the hot pockets. These are the essentials of life folks. Your freezer must always be stocked with Hot Pockets, you never know when they may come in handy.

I headed for the check out when the nice young man began to check me out and our conversation went as such.

Him: "Well Hi Ma'am how is your day going?"

Me: "Wonderful, how about yourself?"

Him: "Great thank you. Oh wow Hot Pockets. I love these"

Me: "Yeah Hot Pockets are great"

Him: "Oh yeah I love them. I have 3 favorites and guess what they carry them all here?"

Me: "No way" (At this point I'm trying to think of something Hot Pocket worthy to say)

Him: "But my ultimate favorite is the broc. and cheese"

Me: "Yeah, yum. Those new mexican flavors look good too".

Him: "Well I don't know about those?"

And so folks after the longest conversation about hot pockets and me looking like an moron talking about the newbies in the hot pocket family I paid and left.


Heather said...

LOL! They are good though ... don't go with my diet but they are good ... I'm trying hard to not think of how good they are because, like i said they don'! UGH!

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