Monday, July 30, 2007

Fried Butter & Lifetime Dreams

Sunday's always go in this order.
1. Sunday School
2. Church
3. Lunch at Jason's Deli (the worker's don't even need our order anymore)
4. Nap

All are critical and all are looked forward...but I can't lie I love me a nap! Naps are wonderful aren't they? I mean come on how did we fight those as children? I remember being at the babysitters house during the summers as a kid and she was so mean because she made us eat our entire bowl of macaroni and cheese and then take a nap!! What was I thinking? I'd die to eat a big bowl of macaroni and cheese without a calorie worry and then take a nap with no obligations. Parents should really sit their kids down and explain the importance of naps carefully.

So back to my nap. We get home and immediately I crash on the sofa and flip on my friend the tv. Ms. Paula Deen is making fried butter. Yes friend butter and then I switch over to the trusty Lifetime Channel. I know laugh now. But I love it. I mean come on where can else can you find a movie where the daughter is poisoning her stepmother and the brother pretends to be getting out of jail but is really an undercover cop. Lifetime has it all!

I put it on the Lifetime channel and then drift off to sleep. Word of advice. Don't fall asleep to the Lifetime station. I love it but friends I was having some crazy dreams. I woke up in a panic because I was running around pregnant with multiples and solving crimes. Good Night it was wild. After trying to find my bearings I noticed what channel I was on. No wonder!

Maybe I'll just stick to Paula Deen's fried butter next time...and no I'm not pregnant either?

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dreamingBIGdreams said...

Just checking out your blog .....

Before we had kids we used to lay in bed on Sat mornings and watch Lifetime movies all day. We would get so into them and they all had the same plot ... a woman with a hubby that beats her, or a woman who is pregnant and gets kidnapped, or a woman who is in love with two men ... you know what I'm talking about. They are all kinda the same!