Thursday, June 28, 2007


As tired as I am of being wet I really can't complain about all the rain we've had this summer in Texas. It surely beats the 100 degree frying pan of a Southern June and plus we haven't had to turn the sprinklers on once this $$$!!

The rain had finally seized for the last 12 hours so tonight boy and I headed to McAlister's Deli for their yummo club sandwiches. They put a killer honey-spicey mustard on it and toast it all up and then with a side of mashed potatoes you can just roll us out the front door. My mouth is salivating just reminiscing. Anyway, back to the story. On our way home the clouds were starting to roll in when I had a super bright idea of taking the dog to the park. We went home grabbed pug and drove down to the park a few miles from home. Pug was thrilled with the toddlers running around and giant puddles to sit in. What could be better? We headed out on a walk on the trail which is about a mile long and I kid you not half way through it started to pour. No sprinkles just buckets of water. Normally I probably would have complained about my flip flops getting wet and how the wet dog is going to smell up the car. I jumped into this opportunity and splashed through the puddles chasing pug. It was a blast. God, thank you so much for not only these small events in our lives, but also the ability to stop and enjoy them. Let me never be to old to jump in the puddles of life.

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