Thursday, January 15, 2015

what we've been watching

Since I last left you, we discovered boy had the flu and Declan may or may not have had a milder version.  So, with all the lack of sleep and single parenting I did last week I've begun drafting hate letters to the flu vaccine people insisting they owe me a day at the spa.  I had a few days were my throat would hurt, but nothing as bad as boy.  I'm praising the Lord for that!

We've kept quarantined all of last week and a good portion of this week just to be safe.  We had no place to be and I'm a big believer in sparing others of unnecessary misery.  With that, mama's done a lot of television watching this week and I thought you might like to hear my thoughts on the matter.  So, here's what I've been watching this winter.

"Sherlock"- Boy and I have both been loving this as we binge watch it on Netflix.  Completely addicting and captivating.  We have one episode left and sadly we will finish this up within the next day and then spend the weekend mourning our loss.  It took us a good week after the season finale of Homeland last month, so wish us luck.

"The Fall"-this is a Netflix one and season two comes out tomorrow so hopefully this will distract us.  A very suspenseful show and so well done.  We love a good mystery series.

"Celebrity Apprentice"- I've loved every season of this show.  I won't go into too much episode detail for fear of spoiling it for someone, but I do feel some of my favorites have already been fired.  So we'll see...lots of divas left though.  Anyone else watching, who are you rooting for?

"Parenthood"- this is for sure one of my favorite shows and I am beyond devastated that we are going to have to say goodbye to the Braverman's in just a few weeks.  Why, why must they go??

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"- because why not?  I'm loving Lisa Rinna on this season and I'm sort of obsessed with the train wreck of Brandi's mouth.  Girlfriend needs a filter.

"Parks and Recreation"-I heart Ron!  I'm so going miss this show.  It's going to be easier to say goodbye, though, with Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe already gone (I miss them).

"Serial"-now this was a listen not a watch, but I was addicted and binge listened to this thing the week of Christmas.  So fascinating you must download it on iTunes (it's free by the way).   Can I also say how refreshing it was to turn off the tv and just listen for once...very therapeutic in a way.

Add in a whole lot of HGTV and that sums it about up.  Do share, what's your DVR been up to this winter?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

thank goodness for boogie wipes

Tis the season for colds.  I hate winter.  Declan came down with a really bad cold last weekend (and is still fighting it).  Before a kiddo I thought boogie wipes were a joke, now I've succumbed to their awesomeness (ps thank you Sam's Club for carrying these in bulk)!  And boy started coming down with it a few days ago and is still feeling awful.  I feel like a sitting duck now.  I'm staying close to my thieves and loading up on Vitamins praying this momma can be spared from anymore snot.

Who else is ready for spring?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

merry christmas & happy new year

...a little late I know.  It's how I roll these days especially since Declan gifted us, last week, with the talent to open doors.  Good night this age is exhausting.  But seriously, I hope everyone had a truly wonderful Holiday spent surrounded by loved ones relaxing and celebrating the birth of our Savior!

We spent Christmas Eve doing Christmas with boy's family.  Declan got his very own Radio Flyer from them and loves taking it outside.  Can I just say these wagons have come so far since I was a kid?  Seats (jealous), padded seats (luxurious), cup holder (shut the front door).

Then on Christmas morning Santa came and so did my parent's.  I think boy was more excited then anyone.  He was up an hour before me and then we had to wake Declan up at 8:00 pm (never wake a sleeping baby unless it's Christmas morning)!  He isn't so sure about his train that his bubie and big daddy gave him here, but he's warmed up to it.  The pug's not so much.

And at first his truck from Santa, that matches Daddy's, looks interesting.  Until Daddy puts you in it for a ride.  Took some time to take it all in I guess.

It was such a fun day, Christmas through the eyes of a child so incredible.

On New Year's Eve, boy and I dropped Declan off at my parent's and we headed to Fort Worth.  We grabbed a quick bite to eat and I made a quick return to Homegoods before we headed to visit boy's mom at her 3rd chemo treatment.  Hooray she's half way done!!  Then I left boy at the center and went and picked up Declan and we met them all back at his parent's home.  Declan is the best medicine after a long chemo day.  Then boy and I headed to bed early after getting Declan down to binge watch Sherlock on Netflix.  We didn't even make it through one episode, much less till midnight.  Sleeping is a good way to ring in the New Year if you ask me.

Monday, December 22, 2014

our elf on a shelf

My mom started a tradition last year, where she gives Declan a pair of Christmas PJ's.  This year I happened to be at her house when they came and well we both couldn't resist and ended up using them for my parent's Christmas card.  Oh the truth this card speaks!

PJ's from HERE

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

breakfast with santa 2014

We had Breakfast with Santa this past weekend.  I'll let Declan tell you his thoughts on it...

I feel like we entered a rite of parenting passage with the crying Santa picture.

Don't let the kid fool you wasn't all filled with tears.  Forget the Santa, we we're all about the large never-ending breakfast.  He sat and ate, all while keeping a good eye on the big guy.

This was our second year to do can travel back to last years experience here.  I will say this one was way better over last year and not just because Declan was more aware, but because this Santa was actually old enough to walk up to rent-a-car and rent a car.  It's the little things that make this time of year magical you know?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

oh pug

I was always under the impression that dogs slowed down as they aged.  

Until I met pug.  

Nine years y'all...nine years of these shenanigans of his.

I don't know if I was really that surprised when the other day I walked back into the kitchen after changing Declan and discovered pug had pulled off a sack of flour (in a ziploc bag) from the shelf off the pantry and then tore into it.  And I guess either him or his faithful watch dog (Landry) ran around leaving little flour paw prints all over my wood floors.  It took forever to clean this up.

Who wants a pug for Christmas?

Monday, December 8, 2014

we gobbled then we wobbled

Yeah so I realize Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago, but I figured since this seemed to be my kid's favorite holiday so far (we had him at food) I should get this day posted.  We had Thanksgiving with my side on Thursday and then headed to boy's side for Thanksgiving on Friday.  This carb loving kid was all over this.

He was more then ready to eat by this point.

Big Daddy gave him a hammer to tide him over.  Big Daddy and boy are playing toss with the stuffed Winnie the Pooh (poor pooh)!

A tradition my parent's started with me when I was young was that you write a letter to Santa on Thanksgiving and then put it outside the door and he comes by in the middle of the night to collect the letters.  We started last year with Declan.  I filled in his letter this year.  Declan's always saying num nums for food and knew that had to be on his list, but boy and I had a disagreement between is he actually saying yum yums or num nums so I compromised and put both.  Then we put the letter for Santa in the window sill.

On Friday we spent a good portion of the day outside at boy's Aunt's enjoying the beautiful weather, but also playing with the dog.  Declan is all about dogs these days and one that chases a basketball was mind blowing for him.  I guess he wasn't accustomed to being around a dog that didn't sleep on the sofa all day ha!

Hope everyone had a relaxing and yummy Thanksgiving too!