Monday, December 15, 2014

#gift tags

I have my own little solo Christmas tradition...wrap presents while watching a Christmas movie.  I won't lie, a cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie is preferred!  This weekend I got everything out to wrap and realized I was all out of gift tags, so I decided to get a little creative.   

Here's what I ended up with, a little Instagram inspired gift tag to complete the gift.  Sort of perfect because not only are the recipients getting a gift, but a picture of their favorite little santa baby too!

I just printed them off on 110lb card stock and used my paper cutter to cut them to size and then attach.  Took just minutes and I love how they turned out.  Here's the template I created if anyone is interested in creating some Instagram tags for themselves.

Click HERE to download the PSD template.

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Rebecca Jo said...

OK - you win Pinterest with this idea! How adorable!!!

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